Beer Cheese Pretzels


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Beer Cheese Pretzels is a great new snack gift basket product of Aunt Laurie’s. The beer cheese pretzels are flavored with sharp cheddar cheese and spices with base of an amber ale. A delicious pretzels that craft beer lovers will devour, so they make great additions to gift basket for men. Build your own gift basket guys will love. Women will love them too! This 4 oz. bag of delicious beer cheese pretzels are loaded with flavor, crunchy, and with just the right amount of spices making them satisfying. These crispy pretzels make a great addition for snack gift baskets, as they are good for sharing among friends and family too!

A Sarasota, Florida based product, we love southern foods and supporting companies in the south. We’ll be adding more pretzels products and snack food in the future, as we like to offer new and different products. Gift baskets for men are easy and great gifts, so our new beer cheese pretzels are a great new product for Aunt Laurie’s!